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I love to help, inspire and teach other curious people, students, companies and startups – and have done so for many years.
Janne Høgshøj - Danish Connection - DK
It is an honor to be part of the SPICE Women*s Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program. For me mentoring means to help the mentees in their business development and to get great inspiration from their entrepreneurial spirit.
Inga Wiele - gezeitenraum GbR - GER
There are three good reasons for me:
an innovative social project with potential, the power and commitment of a young and special entrepreneur and the cross-border funding of female entrepreneurship in our region.
Christiane Dethleffsen - Schutzengel Flensburg - GER
I am inspired by both content and environment: I am curious about understanding how social mechanisms might influence women’s startup intention and am totally driven by the vast energy that occurs, when you put all our participants in one room and have them cooperate, work together and exchange. It’s a total blast!
Kirsten Mikkelsen - Europa-Universität Flensburg
With Spice Women*s Entrepreuneurship, I see in first line the possibility to provide other women the courage of realising their idea while staying realistic with their goals.
Marie Delaperrière - unverpackt - lose, nachhaltig, gut - GER

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We love business and we love entrepreneurship.

As part of the German-Danish SPICE 2.0 program where we foster regional innovation through an intense student-enterprise collaboration our main target groups are novice and experienced women entrepreneurs.

We invite all interested business ladies in our program region and beyond to join and support us on our journey to become the northern star for Women*s Entrepreneurship.

Support means Benefit!

As soon as you offer your support e.g. as a mentor or other contributor to our program you become a beneficiary of the program. You get access to a network of women business leaders, learn about the latest research findings on women entrepreneurs and get the chance to participate in a wide range of different trainings, workshops and network events.

Do not hesitate – there’s nothing to lose, but win!

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Our Mentoring Program


During the program there will be three joint workshop camps per year with a special focus on issues arising during the start-up phase, but also challenges regarding business development, management, leadership, etc. Each tandem participates in three of these workshop camps.

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12th June 2018 / Flensburger Schifffahrtsmuseum
#WINspire Startup Talk

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