Velkommen @ SDU i Kolding

Another interesting and enriching workshop-camp ended with a dinner in Kolding, in Denmark on 9 September. The project invited all tandems to the second event of the Spice Women*s Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program, held in the sun-flooded conference rooms of the SDU – University of Southern Denmark in Kolding.

The headliners of the event were the lessons learned, the achievements and processes within each tandem relation and how to give & receive feedback. The tandems were asked to sketch the development of their start-ups, their ideas and challenges faced within the last four months. The different stories told were about ups and downs, barriers and decisions, crossroads of changes, emotions and about critical milestones and experiences of the mentees and their mentors. Again, we were happy to have had our business partner and coach, Konstanze Bittroff, with us. She focused on the pairs’ presentation and communication skills.

The workshop was rounded up with a second interesting topic – giving & receiving feedback. The bond and the trust of people helps you to get on with your business because there is a potential for growth in feedback. Entrepreneurs need and want feedback for their self-support and for being balanced enough. As a trained dancer, acrobat and educated mentor, Liva Echwald-Tijsen  taught us, that feedback goes along with our body language. We need our bodies to start with.