Mentor of the SPICE Women’s Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program has been nominated for the Next Economy Award!

Marie Delaperrière has been nominated for the Next Economy Award (NEA) in the category “Social Entrepreneur” with her innovative grocery store “Unverpackt” (Unpacked).


The premium price will be awarded the second time by the National German Sustainability Award in cooperation with the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, the German Council for Sustainable Development and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The NEA stands for a nation-wide recognition for start-ups that put their faith in social and environmental sustainability and is assigned within different topics of sustainability. The commission considers the most popular social entrepreneurial ideas in order to promote entrepreneurs and start-ups in their desire to help designing a more environmentally sustainable economy. 

nominiert_social-entrepreneur_sw-150x150Since April 2016, Marie Delaperrière is participating in our new Mentoring Program. Her business is expanding and quite recently she supported the opening of the first unpacked grocery shop in Malmö/Sweden.

We are proud to have Marie in our network and we will keep our fingers crossed for her. The NEA will be awarded on 24 November 2016.