# Day 1 – Welcome Newcomers!

The third official meeting of the Spice Women*s Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program (WEMP) was held in the modern facilities of the Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel GmbH. Nine mentees, four mentors and the organization team were arriving to a diversified program of talks, workshops and physical training, dedicated to the personal development and the enforcement of the entrepreneurial process of our women entrepreneurs.

„Thank you for this great match.“

But, foremost, the new members of the WEMP were officially welcomed and some of them met as a tandem for the first time –  what a perfect match! The chemistry was right and they were off to a great start.



Our friend and business coach Konstanze Bittroff – Bona Dea Coaching introduced into the workshop with some basic but essential subjects for both, mentees and mentors: What does mentoring mean to you? What do you expect from the mentoring relationship? How could a mentor help you best?

Our newcomers were all on the same page: Inspiration for both through the sharing of news, experiences and contacts, empowerment & process, trust & honesty, feedback & open mindedness, learning & growing … and much more!

For Silvie – owner of Blüten-Reich Flensburg – the WEMP means a new chapter in her work life. It is time for a new step that drives her forward. „Because life means change, especially in professional life. I wish to reach more people with what I am doing”.

Leah-Maria and her business partner Brigitta are curious to meet new people with different ideas and missions to find new inspiration for their common passion: MUSIC – the starting point for their business idea Amuse App.


Setting targets for the mentoring relationship                                                                                                      

How can you make sure that you will achieve your goals? „A goal without a plan is just a wish“. – Larry Elder

Konstanze helped us to understand why goals are important and what distinguishes general goals from SMART targets? The mentees tried to name the goals they wish to attain with their individual businesses and defined specific, tangible and narrowed targets to find direction, to support consistency, to promote a sense of responsibility and to facilitate the process. „Wait & see is not the right attitude. You need to visualize your goals and targets and look at them every day. They may not be changed but you should ask yourself: why is this happening?“ – Konstanze Bittroff


# Day 2 – Essential rules of NETWORKING

The second day started with a substantial breakfast at the starterkitchen – a Coworking Space for start-ups and visionaries on the campus of the Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel. The topic for the day was networking – something that we have been waiting for very anxiously. A secret of success.

But, how does it work and how can I take the first step? Networking means process and starts even before the conversation. It must be learned und starts with authenticity, self-image, perception and your energy. All this constitutes people’s perceptions of us. Before entering the room, what does our body language, our self-image and our beliefs tell us about ourselves?

Our mentees and mentors were introduced to 11 essential networking laws and practices them in role plays and active interactions. This active workshop was rounded off with some helpful behaviours in networking conversations and the idea of power posing. The real you is the best you!


# Spice Women @waterkant STARTUPSH Festival – 15th & 16th June 2017, Kiel


Save the date! The next GET2GETHER of our women entrepreneurs will take place during the waterkant StartUpSH Festival in Kiel and we will present our spirit to a big community – entrepreneurs, employees and employers, investors and mentors. The festival offers a unique opportunity for mentees and mentors to present themselves within an individual program to a great audience!