# 1 Aline Hock on her mission for sustainable food, production and  development 

„We feel recognized and acknowledged by the price“ says Aline Hock. As one of our first mentees in the Spice Women’s Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program, she remains us as valuable alumni in our Spice Women*s Entrepreneurship network. And we are proud!Aline, environmental scientist and managing director (M.Sc.), and her business partner, Dr. Biniam Samuel-Fitwi, have been awarded with the Price of the German Council for Sustainable Delevopment (RNE) in Hamburg.

The price refers to a special project called Aquacubes, a countainer with water which will allow to breed and keep fish and shrimps for own purposes. Aline describes the value of their projects as a sustainable production which reduced costs for transport links andallows a forward-looking sustainability with respect to knowledge, experiences and information for consumers. The main idea is to give people an understanding of fish production in order to promote a more conscious consumption of food.

Besides this project, Sustainable Food is a service provider for fish and fish foof producers,  shrimp breeders and operators of aquacultures.