SPICE Women*s Entrepreneurship Support Program

“Open your mind, arms, and heart to new things and people, we are united in our differences. Ask the next person you see what their passion is, and share your inspiring dream with them.”

Dear visitors,

Continuous training, entrepreneurship education, as well as the support and development of your start-up idea and process through mutual assistance are very important to us.

Sharing personal entrepreneurial experiences and inspiring dreams is a significant issue of the Spice Women*s Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program by offering a varying program of talks, workshops, seminars and events to our mentees, mentors and other entrepreneurship enthusiasts.

The network of our entrepreneurship initiative for business ladies and students is growing and we are proud to have different inspiring personalities – experienced businesswomen and business coaches – in our Support Program. They will open their suitcases full of experiences and knowledge for you in order to provide guidance on your way to your business and dream!

We are not perfect, and we are still learning. But, the atmosphere and the feeling during our Spice Women*s Entrepreneurship activities are thrilling, full of energy and very inspiring. For all of us!

Our Support Program is dedicated to …

We want to give answers to your concrete business case, helping you to expand your personal competencies. As a mentee or a mentor your creativity, empathy and entrepreneurial mindset is needed in order to work on fictional business cases or on those of our mentees. The change of perspective will help you to reach an understanding for the needs and concerns of the entrepreneur as well as of the customers by giving a concrete case.
Our support is supposed to meet your needs and requirements that you find are vital for your entrepreneurial development. At the beginning of the tandem matching you tell us about your needs and the skills you would like to develop. We try to find an enriching partner for you. The purpose of the tandem relation is to bridge the gap through mutual trust within a good cooperation between mentor and mentee in order to forward entrepreneurial development.
Our Mentoring Program and supporting events live from the open exchange and interaction of people with different backgrounds, knowledge and experiences. You get the chance to get to know to motivated personalities to include in your own business network. In return …  share your dreams, passions and experiences with us!


 #WINspire Start-up Talk with Christiane Brandes-Visbeck – founder of and project manager of #DMW Digital Media Women in Hamburg. 

For a better planning please write to kirsten.mikkelsen@uni-flensburg.de

Further events & talks will be announced soon!